Duct tape to the rescue!


Picture of Brad Pierce (NOAA) after cleaning the glass plate on top of the HSRL lidar (Photo by Andrew Wagner, SSEC)

Every day is different out here at the NOAA Boulder Atmospheric Observatory outside of Erie, CO. Yesterday Andy Wagner (UW-Madison) noticed that the sun shield for the High Spectral Resolution (HSRL) LIDAR was torn from strong wind gusts, so today we needed to fix it. Duct tape and some pieces of wood from Home Depot did the job nicely. While we had the sun shield off we also cleaned the glass covering the HSRL. It was pretty dusty. Guess those theory guys are good for something other than forecasting where the pollution is!



Picture of sun shield for UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) showing tears from strong wind gusts on Friday, July 25, 2014 (Photo by Andrew Wagner, SSEC)


Picture of the repaired HSRL sun shield (Photo by Andrew Wagner, SSEC)




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